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PRAYERS UP: Whitney Houston’s Daughter Bobbi Kristina Found Unresponsive in Bathtub

bobbi  PRAYERS UP: Whitney Houston’s Daughter Bobbi Kristina Found Unresponsive in Bathtub

Bobbi Kristina Brown, The daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown has been found unresponsive in the bathtub of her home in Atlanta. Bobbi Kristina is now fighting for life in a Georgia hospital. CBS Atlanta reports that Brown, 21, was found at 10:25 a.m. January 31. She was found by her husband and a friend. She has been taken to North Fulton Hospital in the city. The two performed CPR on her. When an ambulance arrived, EMTs performed “life-saving-measures” on Brown. TMZ reports that she is now breathing in hospital.

Brown is no stranger to headline in the past, in 2014, she blasted celebrated actress Angela Bassett as a “bitch” for not casting her in the Lifetime movie about Whitney. Bassett fought back in in an interview with Entertainment Weekly where she said, “I did not think about casting her. And probably for a number of reasons, you know. One being that she’s not an actress. I know she’s acted here and there. I know she’s been on their family’s reality show, but she’s not an actress and acting is a craft.” That same month, Brown posted pictures of her new slender physique, which led to criticism about how much weight she lost.

Bobbi is Whitney’s only child and the fourth child of Bobby Brown. She was the sole beneficiary of her mother’s $115 million estate. Hopefully everything will be okay. It’s ironic that this happens shortly before the anniversary of Whitney’s death coming up on February 11th. More on the story at it comes in.

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FIRST LISTEN: Ciara – “I Bet”


Well that didn’t take long now did it? Just hours ago we let you know that it was coming and now, Ciara is back and putting it all on the table with “I Bet,” the first single off her upcoming sixth album.

On the mid-tempo jam, produced by Harmony Samuels and co-written by Ciara and Rock City, a hurt CiCi sings about a lover who did her wrong, much like her ex-fiancé Future. The former couple, who has an eight-month-old son together, reportedly called off their engagement after rumors of Future’s infidelity.

She also credits herself for putting him on to that new (“You actin’ like you upgraded me, I upgraded you”) and calls out his new chick. “Is that your bitch over there givin’ me the ugly stare / The one with the silicone ass and the Brazilian hair,” sings CiCi.

But despite the past, she surprisingly still has love for him. “I’m singing this song ’cause I love you… Right now it’s killing me ’cause now I have to find someone else when all I wanted was you.”

While it comes from a personal place, Ciara hopes the raw and emotional song will resonate with others. “I imagine this song will be very meaningful for a lot of people. It is much bigger than any one person’s experience,” she tells Billboard.

She has also been in the studio with Polow Da Don, Dr. Luke, and Diane Warren working on the follow-up to 2013’s Ciara, due this spring.

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CICI’S BACK!: Ciara to Release New Single Titled “I Bet”


It’s been an extremely exciting day for a Ciara fan! Earlier today the sultry singer revealed her stunning cover for L’Uomo Vogue and now some news has finally come to surface in regards to her new music! Apparently, news has accidently surfaced announcing the name of her first single to be offered from her upcoming sixth LP due later this year. The song is called “I Bet” and it impacts radio on January 27th.

Producer Harmony Samuels has been attached to “I Bet,” and it’ll certainly be interesting to see what route CiCi takes with this one. Will it be a sexy bop ala “Body Party” and “Ride,” or maybe a club knock ala “Goodies” or “Get Up,” or maybe something soft and sweet ala “Never Ever” or “Sorry,” What are you hoping for from Ciara’s latest offering? Are you excited?

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TIT FOR TATT: Safaree Samuels Spills Tea on Nicki Minaj Break-Up with The Breakfast Club


You know how they say there’s two sides to every story? Well, Nicki Minaj’s ex fiance Safaree Samuels is the man of the hour, as he and his fur vest stopped by Power 105′s The Breakfast Club this morning to break his silence on, what else? His recent much talked about breakup with Nicki! Through his constant lip smacking and licking, Safaree suprisingly kept things pretty tame and respectable in terms of Nicki, stating “I would never do anything publicly to try and pull her down, Whatever happens between me and her one on one, it is what it is, that’s personal and I would never put that out there. I could be out here telling a million stories and doing cornball sh*t but I’m not going to do that.”

He eventually reveals that he’s the one that left Nicki because she didn’t respect him and was treating him like an employee, rather than significant other. I wanted you guys to be able to catch the full beat and story in all of it’s lip smacking glory, so check out the video below:

I have to admit, after this interview I don’t really view SB as corney. Now, he music is another story, but there’s a certain level of respect I have for him on how he handled this whole thing. What do you guys think?

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SPOTTED: Beyoncé and Jay Z Kick it Courtside Amid Pregnancy Rumors


Jay Z and Beyoncé sat courtside to watch the Houston Rockets square off against the Brooklyn Nets at the Barclays Center on Tuesday night. The couple seemed chatty and giggly while taking in the game and checking themselves out on the giant screen. Beyoncé stayed bundled up in an all-black ensemble including high-waisted jeans, a puffer jacket, and an oversize hat. Her outfit choices are likely going to be scrutinized more than ever these days, especially with rumors of her second pregnancy that have begun swirling.

Beyonce’s the only woman I know of who the world is always wishing pregnancy on but once, she is pregnant everyone’s screaminbg it’s fake. Weird wold. Anyway, The singer sparked lots of talk when she posted a photo of herself buried in the sand during a recent beach vacation; the cute snap showed Beyoncé with an apparent baby bump, which sent tongues wagging about whether or not 3-year-old Blue Ivy would be getting a new sibling. Adding even more confusion to the situation was Beyoncé’s former Destiny’s Child bandmate Michelle Williams, who denied the pregnancy rumors during an appearance on The View on Monday, saying there’s “just no truth” to the reports. Of course the public will run with their own story, though. Check out more photos of the “On the Run” couple below:




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BECAUSE YOU CARE: VH1 Cancels Controversial Reality Show ‘Sorority Sisters’

sororitysisters  BECAUSE YOU CARE: VH1 Cancels Controversial Reality Show ‘Sorority Sisters’

Well, it seems being fake offended has won again. VH1’s controversial new show Sorority Sisters has officially been canceled! After being met with strong opposition and the loss of several sponsors, VH1 has apparently decided to wrap things up and move on to the next ratchet reality idea. How quickly would VH1 like to stick the nail in the coffin? Well, apparently their letting all of the remaining episodes go during the midnight hour.

The final episode will start at the odd time of 11:10 p.m. and end just past midnight. Plus, it’s not even being repeated later that night for West Coast consumption. And Friday tends to be a relatively low TV consumption night. I can’t say that I’m surprised by any of this, but I do have to raise the question, if this show is being canned for supposedly portraying sororities in a negative light, shouldn’t a lot of other shows be under consideration for their negativity. Seems there was additional outrage for this one that’s missing with many others.

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GIRL WHAT?: Naya Rivera Says “White People Shower More than Ethnics Do”

naya  GIRL WHAT?: Naya Rivera Says “White People Shower More than Ethnics Do”

Apparently, actress Naya Rivera woke up and decided today would be a pretty good day to wake up and be ignorant, based on her statements as she co-hosted talk show ‘The View’ this morning.

The ladies of the roundtable got on the subject of hygiene, when Rivera revealed that she only showers once every three days. As the crowd reacted with considerable shock, the actress explained, “I believe white people shower more than ethnics.” Girl, What?

While some people are questioning Rivera’s comments from a hygienic standpoint (“Naya Rivera makes far too much money to not let water and soap touch her ass at least once every 24 hours,” one Twitter user astutely stated), far more have taken offense to the actress speaking for entire races on her own—Rivera, for the record, is half Puerto Rican and a quarter African American—and insinuating that people of color are dirtier than white people. Many have attacked her for spewing ignorance, while some have gone as far to call for her excommunication from the African American race.

While people flipped on social media, here’s what Rivera tweeted after the show:

“When you get out of the shower today, get a sense of humor. Love ya!”

he fact that Rivera thinks what she said was a joke just makes this that much worse. Perpetuating stereotypes, HA. HA. And now, we’d like to cut to Big Sean, who is currently celebrating and shit, because he just dodged a bullet from a—well, you know how the song goes.

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COUPLED UP OR NAH?: Rihanna & Leonardo DiCaprio Said to Be Getting “Hot and Heavy”


New couple? Well, it isn’t quite Rose and Jack, but we’ll take it! Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna were spotted partying together at the Playboy Mansion on Saturday night, after they were said to ring in the new year at a club in St. Barts.

The two were at a party for designer Nikki Erwin over the weekend, when their paths crossed and sources at TMZ say things got a little heated.

According to sources Leonardo and Rihanna were caught locking lips during the birthday bash, but another in connection with the actor said that was not the case.

Leonardo also joined in on the birthday festivities, as he was photographed standing with other party-goers as they watched Nikki cut her birthday cake.
Later he and Rihanna reportedly headed to the same after party, where The Wolf of Wall Street star ran into 50 Cent.

The rapper posted photographs with the actor to his Instagram account, along with shots of model Naomi Campbell, who was also in attendance.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the bachelor and the hitmaker have been spotted partying together. Leonardo and Rihanna were both in St. Barts for New Year’s Eve, and it was reported that they both celebrated at La Plage Club.

Rihanna posted numerous photos of her vacation on Instagram, but refrained from sharing anything from New Year’s Eve. Hmmm… Only time will tell. Do you guys think RihRih and Leo would be a cute couple?

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WHO KNEW?: Nick Cannon is STILL Trying to Rap; New Track Brags on Sex with Mariah Carey


Nick Cannon seems to be saying he made Mariah Carey hit the high notes in bed, according to the lyrics of his new song. Yes, you read that right…new song. The words, which are heard in a video obtained by TMZ, also suggest the rapper has a new woman in his life. It seems that Nick has decided to not only focus back on music (though we’re not sure why) after his split with his wife, but to also use that split to his advantage with the music.

In his new song, Nick allegedly brags that he’s really great in the bedroom, and that he always hit the right spot when it came to pleasing his now ex-wife. Nick, producer Mally Mall and rapper Too Short were at a Hollywood strip club on Jan. 11, shooting the music video for the unnamed track. And thanks to footage TMZ obtained, they transcribed what they believe are the lyrics to Nick’s verse:

“I’m a freak
It goes like this
Yo the freaks come out at night
I’m like Houdini with the magic stick when you turn out the lights
With this Girl names Keisha, Aphrodite
Ass so phat half black and white
Hit high notes n**** ask my wife
Whoops I mean ex, I got a text
Let’s sex
I need a freak
Everyday on me
We all clean, we all clean”

Well…aren’t we just all types of excited to hear this lyrical genius at work? Catch that sarcasm. Nick’s as of yet to be title track is set to be released in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

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HOTSHOTS: Ciara Heats Up the Cover of L’Uomo Vogue!


MILF anyone? Ciara is slaying on the cover of L’Uomo Vogue. The “Body Party” singer starts off the new year in a fashion spread for the Italian magazine’s “Big in 2015″ issue. In the photos shot by Francesco Carrozzini, the 29-year-old singer models a designer wardrobe while serving some fierce looks.

The cover girl rocks wild hair and a Gucci trench coat, and holds a big dog on a leash while clad head-to-toe in Givenchy. She also seduces in an Agent Provocateur slip and silky Valentino pantsuit.

“I love to express my sensuality, it makes me feel good. I think that goes for all women, we all want to express our sexuality,” she tells the magazine. “It is a form of power, it makes you feel self assured, in control. Every woman wants to feel sexy, and I like to play with hints and suggestions, turn it into a performance.”

Ciara has been in the studio with Dr. Luke, Polow Da Don, and Diane Warren working on her sixth album for release this spring.

“It will be an authentic album, real. I talk openly and honestly about my emotions as a woman, mother, about my ambitions, but also my vulnerability, my happy moments and my sad moments.”

But her most important job is being a mom to her eight-month-old son, Future Zahir Wilburn. “You know, now that I have Future with me, my angel, I am happy,” she says. “For him I want to be the best mother in the world, and also the best business woman. I want to realize all my ambitions, and I know deep down in my heart that I will.”

See more from the stunning shoot below:




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